Fitness Solutions To Mitigate Injuries Train, train, train! Speed. Power. Quickness... Ouch!! We are trained professionals in the science of sports performance and injury prevention. Sometimes things go wrong, and injuries happen. It is no doubt that each...

Everyone’s Got A Plan ‘Till They Get Hit In The Face

Fitness Coaching: Unexpected Intensity and Gain "Everyones got a plan till they get hit in the face" -Mike Tyson Damn, I love that! So true. I must confess I 'hit' a lot of clients in the face over the years with my demanding, stern yet encouraging coaching; this past...

Shrill For Krill

Why combining Krill and Omega 3 is good for your joints...especially if you plan on training for a long time!! We all have heard of the benefits of Omega 3 for its ability to provide a protective effect for maintaining healthy arteries but the new 'hotness' is Krill....

Fitness Coaching: The “Grown Up” Approach

Fitness coaching: The 'Grown up' approach to health and fitness without reps and sets! COMMIT. COMMIT NOW! Look. We all think we can start and stop when we feel like it because there is zero accountability! So our commitment is tenuous at best. A true formula for...

Why The ‘Warm Up’ Is So Important

AT BSI we, of course, stress the 'warm-up' before we start our training. IF you are not a client, our training is multifaceted meaning the sessions involve multiple stations of power, coordination and stamina demands (We are NOT a CrossFit gym). This is how I have...


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