Ahhhh thats better.Yeah. Thats MUCH better! Several months ago I was introduced to a talented young group out of Traverse City, MI :LEADPLAN. A marketing firm.  Their tag line is “Market like a rock star!”. (love that shit). I invited them down so they could make their ‘pitch’. You could tell they did their home work on how to get BODY SPECS to market like a rock star!  The web site is ‘bangn’. Their customer service is superb and friendly. And the results were almost instantaneous i.e. in other words more customers! The site is still evolving and I am in contact with LP regularly to maintain and sustain the impact this new look has had on attracting new leads. It has been more than I expected. Impressive.

They went through all that was lacking in my web site, image, branding, SEO mangement, photography, graphics. The trainsformation was plesantly jolting! We met several times via screen share and they shared the status of how they were progressing. But the eye opener came when LP bought down their entire staff and had a discovery session, or what I called a ‘brainstorming’ session. Their were 10 principles in the room. EVERYONE from their team

Brian Boyer – Owner/Marketing Consultant

John Smiddy – Owner/Marketing Consultant

Kyle Hooper – Copywriter

James – Web Developer


AJ Anderson – SEO/Content Manager

and it was ‘bananas the ideas that bloomed in that room!. They were well orchestrated and cohesive on how to improve nd deliver an updated  BODYSPECS brand. After  nearly 3 1/2 hrs I looked at my company with a whole new perspective, and it looked OUTSTANDING! Thanks LP you kats ARE rock stars. Continued success to you all.

So in the next few weeks you will be seeing some fresh blogs  that will cover some of your fave topics to improve your overall athletic performance, sports injury prevention, physique development, the science of  training & conditioning for adults and juniors, eating trends, celebrity gossip(kidding)  and so much more!

Thanks for your overwhelming support and patience. I’m  BACK!!