MK Martin recommends Body Specs Inc.
March 15

My kids have trained at Body Specs for both injury recovery and to maintain their fitness level during the off season. Each time they’ve had great experiences . Skips ability to assess injuries and come up with an individual plan is phenomenal. My kids have always preferred rehabbing their injuries at Body Specs because it’s more progressive and their recovery is quicker allowing them to get back to their sport quicker.”

C. Hill recommends Body Specs Inc.
March 15

I absolutely love Body Specs! I have been a client for 1.5 years. I have lost weight and toned up and overall feel great! The trainors are fabulous! In the past 1.5 years I have had a sore elbow and some dizziness, which I was concerned would make it so I couldn’t train. The Trainors have always been able to develop s plan to allow me to train and address my concerns. I highly recommend Body Specs!

J Sheppard reviewed Body Specs Inc. — 5 star
March 1

Skip is absolutely the best trainer I know. He was a great help for our son (who is a high school football player) on many occasions when traditional physical therapy just wasn’t helping.

D.Althoen recommends Body Specs Inc.
July 29

Best gym in Ann Arbor!! Skip’s focus is on fitness, flexibility, and durability. You’ll burn calories, tons of calories, but that’s not the goal. The goal is for your entire body to become stronger and more efficient. Great place, great program. Your workout will be individualized to your needs and goals. Great team also

M.Milia DO, orthopedic surgeon,FACSM recommends Body Specs Inc.
February 28

Skip runs a tremendously productive facility with a top notch team. His unique method of training and orthopedic rehab is extremely effective and fun at the same time. Definitely a great place to get and stay in shape, manage sport related injuries and help you to return to sport safely;after traditional PT ends, BSI begins!

MJ. Hill recommends Body Specs Inc.
March 1

In early 2018 I was struggling with increasingly severe lower back pain that was subsequently diagnosed as spondylolisthesis. I felt severely limited with my daily activities but more importantly, in my interactions with my young grandchildren. I followed up on a recommendation from a trusted friend and joined BODY SPECS INC. I’ve now been working out 3X a week since May 2018 and I am thrilled to say that I feel like a different person. The pain level dropped significantly and I feel much stronger to the point that I can easily lift and carry my two-year-old grandson and physically play with all of them! I no longer feel limited in the activities of daily life. In addition, all of the people that work with me are knowledgeable, friendly and fun. I look forward to going there also because it’s a happy uplifting atmosphere ! I cannot recommend BODY SPECS highly enough!