I’m 56 and I remember back in the 70’s there was this  ‘thing’ called a deprivation tank. It was a big trapezoid box with salt water that facilitating floating because as you may not, salt makes water denser, thus easier to float in ocean than a lake.  There is absolutely NO LIGHT. Pitch. Black.  You float in this darkness for meditation, deprive your normal senses of the hectic life outside of that box! They rose in public awareness in the late ’60’s as a prime location for LSD trips (groovy baby) and other psychedelic experiences. Well these enclosed, lightless,soundproof pools of saline water are enjoying a resurgence in chilling versus tripping! It is known as FLOTATION THERAPY. In fact, research is bearing out that flotation therapy is an excellent antidote for managing anxiety and the craziness life creates. Dr Judith Orloff, author of the The Empaths’s Survival Guide says CEOS  disappear here (damn I ‘get it’). According to Judith “nobody can reach them! It’s one of the places you can go and truly be alone with your thoughts” Tell me, who doesn’t  need that?

The new  ‘tank’ (pod) looks more like an egg shaped pod,( makes me think of Mork & Mindy. You know when Robin Williams gets out that egg)!  There is just enough salt water so you can float. The top of the ‘egg’ opens to reveal a few feet of water, with lights underneath (like in a pool). Simply step in. Close the door behind you. Lay down on your back. Float. There is lighting in the tank that stays on till you are ready to go into TOTAL darkness! Meditative sounds (instrumental music)  welcomes you in the beginning for about 5 minutes, then silence.

I highly recommend this experience as an excellent tool for restoration of body and mind. You may not feel much the first time but by at least 3, you know you ‘worked’ through some stuff while you were in that pod! This is also a great restorative modality if your training frequency is high. High training frequency can result in prolonged soreness, respiratory irritations, and decreased athletic performance.Training and conditioning, no matter what fitness level, takes a toll.  In the mean time try flotation and see if you can include this as part of optimizing athletic performance/restoration- in and outta your ‘head’!

Still not convinced,? Then maybe this will help

  • Suggested for management of anxiety disorder
  • Improved processing
  • Increased creativity [we all need that]
  • Improved self awareness and self insight [‘third eye’ whoa!]

Some find flotation more effective than traditional meditation because of the ‘sensual’ component (calm down) Dr. Orloff says “its erotic”. (Uhhhh perhaps, did NOT have that moment) Orloff goes on to say “…you are cocooned in warm water like a baby in a womb. There is something very pleasant about the feeling.”