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Did you make ANOTHER resolution to live better, lose weight and get in better shape? But you don’t have a real plan. This is going to revolutionize and pulverize your New Years’ resolution! Why buy ANOTHER membership and promise yourself you will “Do better and REALLY mean it THIS time”? The BODY SPECS DELUXE does it all for YOU!


This program is dedicated to providing great instruction through video for the prevention and management of fitness-related injuries and ways to improve your current program or create a new one. This program will also provide you with menus with macronutrient breakdown of a lot of great-tasting recipes.

What makes this ‘deluxe’? TWO! TWO! memberships for the price of ONE! Check it out: BODYSPECS will be offering ONLINE and ON-SITE training!! Who does that? WE DO! This is called Hybrid Training and is the wave of the online training future!!! I started naming my program hybrid back in the ’90s because it included so many different elements of physique development, clinically based injury prevention/management strategies and conditioning all rolled into one!

More and more people are training at home. And let’s face it, there are times you just don’t feel like going to the gym because of time, or you JUST don’t feel like it! So why not have access to do it anytime you want! BUT if you want to train at our award-winning facility, you can do that too!

That’s why programs like PELOTON, TONAL and other online programs are so popular. BODY SPECS  is going a couple of steps further by offering you this incredible access to our award-wining training, injury prevention/management, food menus and grocery lists! B O O M! So all you do is WIN!! Wait…There’s more!!


LETS EAT! Everybody knows that the key to a great physique is what, when and how you eat! This program will give you a HUGE selection of foods to choose from that will take the hassle of guessing the right foods to eat to keep the weight off and muscle on!  So whether you are into vegetarian, paleo, or into low carb/fat eating, this program truly has it ALL!  And here is another cool benefit of being a BSID member: we send you grocery lists so you can begin stocking your fridge and pantry with great foods and snacks to help you hit your body transformation goals!


What good is a trainer if they can’t be everywhere telling you how to eat, when to train?! So the ‘Skippy’ APP can be downloaded with Android/IOS once you sign up!. What’s great about this is not only  will you be able to access my award winning training techniques, but you will see food suggestions on what to eat when you go out for dinner,  AND a really cool feature is that it even provides a list of  restaurants that provide your particulary eating style! So whether you are vegetarian, paleo, keto, or anything,. All you do is WIN with this AMAZING program!






YOU can even sync  My Fitness Pal, MYZONE, or Fitbit to the BSI portal. It will show you all of the foods you’ve eaten as well as summaries of each meal, day, and week with breakdowns of their calorie and macro-nutrient intake! No more excuses. No more confusion!

NOTE: BSI does not provide Add-ons


You read it right! You get online training, coaching, food plans (REALLY nice food plans too), video of techniques, video consults, onsite training, sports injury management tips, sport-related injury assessment (onsite only). This is the most comprehensive package you will EVER find!


This is a limited time offer and once this expires I will NOT be offering this again! You are actually ‘founding members’, helping me by offering me feedback as well! Yes. You will be part of making this a successful program!


You get ALL this for $199.99!/month No gimmicks. No back door fees. No limited access. It is truly a win-win DEAL like no other! Don’t miss out. This offer expires, MARCH 1, 2020,and will NOT be offered again at this very low price of $199.99/month!  When you sign up NOW you will have access for 6 months at this incredibly low price of $199.99/month .And for those who do sign up will receive a special discount to renew for another 6 months! The savings are staggering for the value this package provides!

Again this offer expires MARCH 1, 2020!!! DON’T MISS OUT on this extraordinary offer!!




I am so confident you will fall in love with this program that I GUARANTEE results! If you are not satisfied, then you get your money back! I’ve done all the heavy lifting to bring you this special program to ensure that this is the most comprehensive program ever offered. You get coaching online or onsite! Great selection of foods from paleo, to vegetarian to low carb/low fat. This 30-day FREE program has ALL the stuff that success is made of: great training, great food menus, great coaching, world’s simplest meal plans for PALEO, VEGETARIAN, LOW CARB, and LOW FAT meals and TOTAL ACCESS 24/7! 


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BLOCKBUSTER! Sign Up Online!

Here are just a few of some very revealing text and video TESTIMONIALS!!

I started going to Body Specs two years ago. I went to Body Specs when two of my children started training there to improve their overall athletic performance. Prior to starting at Body Specs, I was attending another local gym, but I had not been noticing any real results. I had (and still do) some weight to lose when I started at Body Specs, but I also wanted to improve my overall physique.  Over the past two years, my overall strength and the tone of my body has improved significantly. By the direction of Skip, I incorporated a new way of eating, which combined with my workouts starting seeing real results. I recently went to Disney World and was pleased with my overall endurance and stamina. In the past, I tended to lag behind my family, but not this time! I feel great and am looking forward to losing the rest of my weight and continuing to improve my overall health and physique.” – CLAUDIA H.

My relationship with Body Specs started with wanting more mobility in my golf swing and it turned into so much more. About 20 years ago I was a Professional Firefighter/Paramedic and competitive amateur golfer. My golf coach recommended Body Specs to increase flexibility to improve my golf swing. At this time I had been dealing with back pain for the past 2 years that 2 Doctors and 3 Physical Therapists had yet to fix. My first meeting with Skip was a life changer. In our initial consultation, he asked if I had any injuries and I told him of the back pain and spasms. I described the type of pain and when it seemed to
get worse. Skip’s reply was “it’s not your back that’s causing the pain, it’s your shoulder.” Now I won’t go into the boring medical explanation but in ONE session, 95% of my back pain was gone. It was amazing. In a short time training my back pain was completely gone. But that’s not all. On multiple occasions, I sustained injuries on a fire or rescue scene. Most times with the expertise of Skip and his staff, my recovery was extremely fast without losing any time on the job. Twice surgery was recommended and both times Skip and his crew were able to rehab my injury avoiding surgery. I have since retired from the fire service and now a PGA Professional teaching at a golf academy. Training at Body Specs has been great for my game. My swing speed went up nearly 10 M.P.H. and for a golfer, that’s a big jump. I’m also able to practice and play without fatigue or pain. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and they make training fun. I’ve been training with them for a long time and no 2 workouts are the same. The
variety keeps it fresh. Joining Body Specs was one of the best decisions I’ve made” – JIM Y.


I would actually say that my story is only just beginning.  I have been suffering from some acute and lingering lower back pain for several years now, which recently manifested itself in a really angry hamstring as a result of an injury in a soccer game.  I was looking for relief, and more importantly, a solution.  I was referred to Skip and the Body Specs team by a friend (who is also a trainer) who had worked with Body Spec team to recover from their back injury.  I visited Skip for a consultation and discussed in detail what was going on, and he offered up some hypothesis as to what is causing my symptoms which made a lot of sense to me, and discussed how we could start to work for long term solutions.  Following the consultation, Skip asked me how many sessions I would like to explore a week; I kind of sheepishly said that 2 per week sounded good (not really knowing even what I was getting into yet)….Skip kind of grinned, and signed me up for 3 training sessions the next week. 
I have been working with Skip and the Body Spec team for about 2 months now.  The on-boarding process was great, the team and the other clients created a very welcoming environment.  For my personal experience Skip and the team have been very thoughtful and intentional about developing the sessions to help me manage my symptoms, and still allow me to maximize the return on my training, and hopefully resolve my symptoms long term.  What I like most about the experience so far, is that as a former cross-fit head, the workouts have the same cross-fit feeling to me, but are done so in more controlled environment, while keeping a watchful eye on me to make sure I am doing everything right to avoid further injury.  Skip has also been very intentional about giving me additional stretches and recovery exercises that I can do at the gym or at home to further manage my symptoms, which I have greatly appreciated.
At this stage of my journey, I am finding that the days I train with the Body Specs team, I feel the best, with the fewest symptoms.  The symptoms slowly creep back in after a few days, only to dissipate once I get back in.  This early progress makes me optimistic that I can find long term relief for my symptoms in injury through this process.
Overall, I have had a great experience, and I look forward to continuing the journey.  Also, the soundtrack in the morning is dope….90s hip hop for days.”-

I can’t explain how much of an impact Body Specs has had on my quality of life. In fact, without Body
Specs, I am not sure I would be at my current level of recovery and progress after my total knee
replacement. I had the replacement in May of 2019 at the young age of 50. The surgery went
well, despite the significant amount of scar tissue from the prior surgeries. However, the recovery and
rehabilitation was a challenge that I never expected or imagined.
I started my rehabilitation with the traditional physical therapy regimen, but made little progress over

the first 4 weeks. It wasn’t until my physical therapist told me I may never be able to ride a bike again
that I knew I needed something different. So I reached out to Skip at Body Specs whom I’ve known for
many years. I knew he was the person that could help me and I haven’t been disappointed.
Skip saw me immediately, evaluated me and we began training. Over the past several months not only
have I regained strength and range of motion to my knee but my overall fitness has improved. As usual,
Skip’s focus is on the entire body and how it interacts with the injured area.
I am forever grateful for his knowledge, his staff’s knowledge, their kindness and innovative training” –LINDA P.


*Results may vary. I am VERYgood at this. BUT if you don’t instructions, YOU. WILL. FAIL! This is work and your commitment counts. YOUR COMMITMENT!  I have taken great pains to deliver a great product: 30 years worth of experience and knowledge.This will work IF YOU work it!..Must inform us of food allergies, medications, if under current physical therapy or other restrictions. This program is NOT a substitute or a prescription to resolve ongoing health issues of ANY KIND. If you have not had a physical in the past year, it is recommended you get one prior to starting this program. BODYSPECS is not responsible for ANY injury sustained during the execution of techniques OR pre-exsisting orthopedic conditions or all other conditions you are currently managing. If you are not comfortable with technique, you can email, text or video us to ensure proper coaching. Executing technique OTHER than what is instructed, on video and captions indemnifies BODYSPECS and its staff of any wrongdoing or incompetence and you agree in accordance with these terms indemnifes BODYSPECS of lawsuit. Use common sense and contact your doctor and or follow the program as instructed and you will find great success! This program is designed to provide you with healthy choices in the field of weight loss, sports performance, sports injury management/prevention, proper stretching and overall wellness. This program can be supplemented with other training programs you may be currently involved with. Those who are able to visit our on-site facility can receive a more comprehensive exercise instruction and  orthopedic injury assessment. Must comply with all coaching sent to trainee. MUST attend ALL scheduled sessions when and if scheduled and follow all online instructions that will be sent on a regular basis during 30 day trial. Credit cards are NOT charged till 30 day expires.Contact 734.827.2744 to cancel card before then. Failure to do so will result  in Refund less fees/taxes/merchant charges.Training sessions scheduled on-site can be done at