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Our services and programs are designed to support players, teams, managers, along with medical and training staffs. BODY SPECS adds the extra support to help meet your organization’s needs and goals at every stage for every athlete. BODY SPECS offers various programs to promote long-term development, as well as short-term and long-term benefits to the organization. Improve offensive production, defensive capacity, and speed, and decrease injuries with BODY SPECS.


Whether you’re looking to increase the velocity on your fastball, or gain first-step quickness to swipe more bases, BODY SPECS has the programs and trainers to help you or your child achieve their goals. Being physically fit will help lead to being a five-tool player, and that’s what every player should strive to be.


Basketball is an explosive sport. Building explosiveness is just one of the facets that BODY SPECS can help with. Lateral quickness for defense, first step quickness for transition, and the stamina to not run out of gas during your game. A combination of these things will help lead to improvements in other areas of your game.


In order to drive the ball farther on a consistent basis, rotational power, balance, flexibility, and mobility all must be present. This combination helps create the greatest transfer of energy into controlled power for a strong swing. Training at BODY SPECS focuses on creating greater power for longer drives and farther irons, while also providing greater flexibility and mobility to decrease nagging injuries, aches, and pains.


Although each play only lasts for an average of seven seconds, a lot happens in that time. Exploding off the line of scrimmage, running a fly route, jumping for the ball, landing and then sprinting towards the end zone—All these things happen on just one play. At BODY SPECS we’ll help you develop as an athlete to take full advantage of those seven seconds.


Conditioning is a large focus of our hockey training. Footwork, hip speed, upper body strength, and balance are just a few of things that we focus on. Our conditioning drills are structured to resemble game-like situations to help enhance your performance on the ice.


Lacrosse is a game that requires athletes to possess all of these physical abilities and more in order to rise above the competition in a physically demanding sport. BODY SPECS knows the training it takes to build speed and power to sprint down the field first, along with the agility and strength to cut past and power through opponents.


Running injuries are preventable. However, many runners don’t know that! Our innovative training program RETURN TO EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE for improving running efficiency, power, mobility, and stability is widely popular. Ask about our clinic series or come in and learn how to prevent, manage, and treat common running injuries.


Soccer is a more physically demanding sport than people give it credit for. Whether you need strength to hold off a defender, or the stamina to go for 30, 60, or even 90 minutes, BODY SPECS offers a number of different programs that will help you or your child achieve success.


Softball is a game that tests strength, speed, agility, and power. Good players excel in one or some of these areas—great ones combine them all. At BODY SPECS, we know the importance of being strong and powerful to drive the ball, the speed required to fly around the bases and track every ball in the field, and the agility required to make highlight reel plays.


BSI land training is truly innovative in its approach to strength and conditioning programs that carry over into the water. We combine traditional and non-traditional power development techniques using our proprietary training methods. We are also skilled at preventing common shoulder issues that arise from high volume swimming!


Strength. Power. Agility. In order to rise above the competition in volleyball, athletes need power to dominate at the net, agility to make every dig, and the strength to play the last point as strong as the first one.


Our team is ready to help build you up and provide the experience you deserve. Please call us today or stop by our facility and say hello. Contact us for more information on our FREE TRIAL.

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