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Our flagship program is dedicated to common injuries of the female athlete and how to prevent and manage them. This, combined with our signature sports performance training programs, is sure to put you way ahead of the competition!


This is not a workshop, camp or CrossFit-based program. GCA is a specially designed training environment created to improve ‘eccentric power’ and multi-directional control which is the keystone for reducing injuries to both the lower and upper extremity and the spine.

Throughout our 27 years of experience in training and rehabbing female athletes, we have developed innovative, progressive, and challenging strategies to reduce injury while stimulating growth in their performance.

This program is offered all year long. Please feel free to email or call for further information. We train teams as well. Call for a group rate and we can customize a winning program for you based on the type of athletes you have.

Come on into BODY SPECS and experience our award-winning training programs. Your first class and a personal training session are FREE! You have nothing to lose but weight and muscle to gain! CALL (734) 827-2744 TODAY!

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