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We are the most qualified in the science of optimizing athletic performance for ALL sports and it is what we are known for! We also specialize in training junior athletes from age 8. We provide CUSTOMIZED or team training as well. We guarantee our program will put you at that ‘next level’ of athletic performance!

At BODY SPECS LTD we understand the importance of maximizing each athlete’s physical abilities, developing long-term prospects, and building training, rehabilitation, and nutrition services for sustained success.

The programs are progressive. That means that no matter how long (years) you are training at BSI we redesign the program based on your current physical and performance goals. This means you will always be able to improve your performance EVERY season.





Athlete evaluations include a battery of tests evaluating each athlete’s current physical abilities and weaknesses at a BODY SPECS LTD or team facility. Athlete evaluations may include:

  • Performance testing
  • Functional mobility observation
  • VO2 sub-max cardio strength
  • Body composition evaluations


This includes the athlete evaluation services above plus upper and lower quarter functional examinations for further programming individualization. We provide solutions for individuals or groups of athletes based on their needs and team goals.


  • Functional training programs that challenge/develop coordination, balance, stability and power
  • Original functional stretching strategies
  • Junior Athlete training & conditioning from 8 years of age
  • Qualified sports injury management, prevention and treatment
  • Strength and conditioning for optimizing athletic performance
  • Superior and original general fitness training programs
  • Specialized strength and conditioning programs for women and junior female athletes
  • We provide the MOST innovative fitness instruction ANYWHERE guaranteed

In addition to the “Athletes Evaluation and Intervention” offerings, the injury management system includes injury trend analysis, injury management program evaluation, new program implementation, individual clinical exams, analysis, and treatment solutions.



Our team is ready to help build you up and provide the experience you deserve. Please call us today or stop by our facility and say hello. Contact us for more information on our FREE TRIAL.

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